Something Useful

If you simply don’t have the time to listen to me whine (cue Greenday) you can always check out these links to writing resources and self-help sites;


TheMerryWriter  (If you want more of me, but less of my problems!)

Writers Digest  (A treasure trove of Writing goodies!)

Grammarly (This is not a substitute for proofreading, but it helps!)

Daily Writing Tips

How to FightWrite (If you’re writing an action novel, you need this in your life)

Fantasy World Maker  (A much easier way to build your fantasy world)



Up your Self-Love Game

Little Boosts of Happy

The Power of Positivity

The Benefits of Meditation

Meditation for Beginners

Dealing with Confrontation



A list of Suicide hotlines across the world

Realistic Injury Treament Advice in cases of self-harm

Free online therapy

Tips for Coping With Depression

Dealing With Stress

OMGYes (Guys AND Gals need to get in on this; a one time payment for a wealth of knowledge and a healthier, happier sex life).